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382 500€


This development is located in Carcavelos, 10 minutes walk from Carcavelos beach and NOVA SBE, with excellent access to the Avenida Marginal and the A5 motorway.

The development has a total of 54 apartments, ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms and measuring between 73m2 and 174m2. Some of the units have roof terraces.

The kitchens are fully equipped with AEG appliances and the parking is in individual boxes with automatic gates.

The building has solar panels for hot water and air conditioning through ducts with independent regulators in all rooms.

New construction, scheduled for completion in July 2024.

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Units available / reserved

Fase 1

ApartmentsUnitFloorTypeG.B.AG.P.ANº Box PlacesBalcony/ TerraceStoragePriceStatusReferencePlants
AB1BT3255,60 m2121,30 m2254,90 m2-625 000€AVAILABLE
AC1CT2233,30 m2119,90 m2245,60 m2-SOLD
AF2CT2266,60 m2131,80 m2226,20 m2-682 500€RESERVED

Fase 2

ApartmentsUnitFloorTypeG.B.AG.P.ANº Box PlacesBalcony/ TerraceStoragePriceStatusReferencePlants
AA1AT2187,80 m298,30 m2256,30 m2-611 000 €AVAILABLESP-100108
AB1BT1128,50 m264,10 m2142,50 m2--SOLD
AC1CT2195,50 m2115,90 m2244,8 m23,50 m²684 000 €AVAILABLESP-100110
AE2BT3190,70 m2136,30 m2222,80 m26,10 m²805 000 €SOLDSP-100111
AF2CT3205 m2142,30 m2224 m2--SOLD
AG3AT1120 m258,30 m228,70 m23,50 m²-SOLD
AH3BT3199,30 m2136,30 m2222,80 m2-822 000 €AVAILABLESP-100114
AI3CT3197,70 m2142,30 m2224 m2-831 000 €AVAILABLESP-100115
AK4BT3201,70 m2136,30 m2222,80 m2--SOLD
AM5AT4343,30 m2153,90 m24114,40 m2-1 132 000 €AVAILABLESP-100117
AN5BT4362,90 m2173,80 m24129,40 m2--SOLD
BO1AT2147,50 m294,70 m2218,80 m2-546 000 €AVAILABLESP-100119
BP1BT2182 m2108,30 m2243,50 m26,50 m²657 500 €AVAILABLESP-100120
BQ1CT2198,10 m2105,70m2263,10 m24,00 m²655 500 €AVAILABLESP-100121
BR2AT3206,70 m2136,90 m2326,40 m2--SOLD
BS2BT2169,10 m2116,20 m2218,30 m2--SOLDSP-100123
BT2CT2151,20 m2110,50 m228,90 m2-632 500 €RESERVEDSP-100124
BU3AT3228,50 m2136,90 m2326,40 m2--SOLD
BV3BT2170,40 m2116,20 m2218,30 m2-709 000 €AVAILABLESP-100126
BX3CT2154,60 m2110,50 m228,90 m2--SOLD
BAA4BT2177,20 m2116,20 m2218,30 m2-715 500 €AVAILABLESP-100128
BAB4CT2168,70 m2110,50 m228,90 m2--SOLD
BAD5BT4412,80 m2160,30 m24190 m2--SOLD


Solar Panels for Water Heating
Daikin Air Conditioning
Equipped Kitchen | AEG Domestic Appliances
Video Intercom
Closed Box Garage
Energy Efficient


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NOVA SBE Sattar Properties Empreendimento Carcavelos Village
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