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405 000€


The Montisnávia building was designed with your well-being in mind, offering a perfect balance between city living and nature.

A project achieved through the merging of a mansion and an old factory, where the aim to preserve the historical image was complemented by a conceptual contemporaneity. Where terraces pierce the surface of the roof, providing access to incredible views of Monsanto, the 25 de Abril Bridge, and the Tagus River.

Located in Estrela, an area known for its good restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and riverside walks. Close to LX Factory, a creative hub housing offices, shops, and cafes.

The development has a total of 31 apartments, ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms and measuring between 52,4 m2 and 198,7 m2 of gross private area. Some of the features of these apartments include equipped kitchens, intelligent access and security systems, private gardens and terraces, parking and energy certificate A.

With excellent road access to different parts of the city and a direct access to the 25 de Abril Bridge, very close to CUF Tejo Hospital and Alcantara train station, that will soon have also a metro station.

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Units available / reserved

BlockUnitFloorTypeG.B.AG.P.AParkBalcony/ TerraceStoragePriceStatusReferencePlants
AA11T3265,3 m2171,4 m2256,9 m212,2 m2-SOLD-
AA22T3270,4 m2161,5 m22---SOLD-
AA32T3187,1 m2154,4 m22---SOLD-
AA43/4T4244 m2198,7 m2222,7 m22,8m2-SOLD-
AA53T2120,6 m295 m22-4,6 m2 750 000 € AVAILABLESP-100181
BB11T2149,3 m2113,6 m21---RESERVED-
BB21T2149,8 m2114,8 m21---SOLD-
BB32T175,6 m257,9 m21---SOLD-
BB42T186,3 m267 m21---SOLD-
BB52T174,6 m257,6 m21---SOLD-
BB63T191,2 m263,7 m218,2 m25,2 m2-SOLD
BB73T192,5 m263,9 m217,7 m25,7 m2 495 000 € AVAILABLESP-100183
BB84/5T3200,1 m2140,1 m22---SOLD-
CC11T2150,6 m2109,7 m2123,1 m25,3 m2 690 000 € AVAILABLESP-100184
CC21T2148,6 m2113,7 m2116,4 m25,2 m2-SOLD-
CC32T174 m258 m212,3 m23,3 m2 405 000 € AVAILABLESP-100185
CC42T189,5 m268,7 m215,1 m24,8 m2-RESERVED-
CC52T178,3 m260,7 m21---SOLD-
CC63T191,9 m263,7 m21---SOLD-
CC73T193,7 m266,9 m218,2 m24,8 m2-RESERVED-
CC84/5T3206,6 m2146,9 m2228,3 m29,4 m2-SOLD-
DD11T2150,5 m2101,4 m2124,6 m25,8 m2 635 000 € AVAILABLESP-100186
DD21T2153,8 m2112,2 m2123 m25,5 m2 675 000 € AVAILABLESP-100187
DD32T171,6 m252,4 m21---SOLD-
DD42T184,9 m265,4 m215,1 m23,3 m2 460 000 € AVAILABLESP-100188
DD52T180,1 m260,8 m212,3 m24,1 m2 415 000 € AVAILABLESP-100189
DD63T181,3 m254,6 m21---SOLD-
DD73T195,4 m266,8 m21---SOLD-
DD84/5T2167,3 m299,1 m2228,4 m214,6 m2 790 000 € AVAILABLESP-100190
EE11T2115,8 m292,7 m219,2 m23,4 m2 590 000 € AVAILABLESP-100191
EE21/2/3T2149,7 m2103,5 m22---SOLD-


Electrical vehicle charging stations
Central Air Conditioning | Daikin
Equipped Kitchen
Communal laundry room
Smart lock security door
Closed Parking
Energetic Certificate


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